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  • 13 Mar 2022 10:53 PM | Robert Bush (Administrator)

    Let Your Voice Be Heard at the Upcoming Task Force Meetings!

    Current mapping shows the Duboce Triangle moved from District 8 into District 5.

    This week hear 2020 Census: Redistricting Task Force updates and provide feedback on where district lines should be drawn. These meetings will focus specifically on communities of interest in and around what is currently Districts 4 and 5 on 03/16/22 and Districts 8 and 9 on 03/18/22. Share your voice about how these district line changes may affect the Duboce Triangle and Upper Market Community.

    Members of the public can attend upcoming Task Force Meetings either remotely on Webex or in person. For those attending the meeting in person, the Task Force meetings will be held at City Hall, 1 Dr. Carlton B. Goodlett Place. **Members of the public are required to wear masks at all times inside City Hall, regardless of vaccination status. Please make sure to bring a mask! 

  • 25 Feb 2022 1:04 AM | Robert Bush (Administrator)

    All current DTNA Members have been changed to a one-year payment schedule. Any member who wishes to maintain an auto-recurring payment schedule should contact membership@dtna.org so that status can be continued.

    When auto-recurring payments were enabled at the time of rolling out the new online membership program in November 2021, the intent was to offer members that option. However, that made auto-recurring payments the default payment method without the option of a default single year payment schedule. Stopping auto-recurring payments was possible, but without an obvious pathway. This created confusion which has been addressed by creating separate single year and auto-recurring payment membership levels. No other membership change has been made. Bundle memberships remain.

  • 16 Feb 2022 11:29 PM | Robert Bush (Administrator)

    Provided by Casey Hildreth, SFMTA Principal Planner, Livable Streets

    For the most up-to-date construction information please visit www.sfpublicworks.org/uppermarket.

    F line motorized bus service starting Tuesday, Feb. 22 through Saturday, March 12 

    The SFMTA, in partnership with the Department of Public Works, will be substituting motorized buses for the full F Market & Wharves historic streetcar route for three weeks, starting Feb. 22 through March 12. During this time, F Line service will be modified to accommodate construction activities for the Upper Market Safety Project as well as other essential track repair and maintenance elsewhere on the rail corridor. Published service hours and frequencies should not be affected. 

    The agencies have worked closely together and with the contractor to minimize overall service disruption to the F line while completing essential work for Upper Market's improved traffic signals, medians, and streetcar stops. Originally planned for April, we were able to move up to between the Chinese New Year and St Patrick's Day celebrations. This is a critical milestone to reach for Upper Market to stay on track for completion ahead of PRIDE month, so we appreciate your patience and understanding during this time!

    Individual F line stops to be closed temporarily for construction through spring 

    Within Upper Market there will also be temporary closures of individual streetcar stops to support construction activities, including the installation of decorative MUNI railings. Temporary closures will occur on a rolling basis starting February 22nd through spring 2022. Most stops will be affected for spproximately one week with the exception of eastbound Dolores and westbound Laguna stops, which will be the first affected since they have more extensive work planned.

    Signs and notices will be posted in advance of each stop closure to alert the public and suggest alternative routing for the closest available F Line stops.   

    Upper Market Phase 2 work continues

    The contractor team is working to finish underground sewer work at 15th/Sanchez and 16th/Noe in preparation for above-ground sidewalk and traffic signal work later this spring. Please note in order to maintain the project schedule crews will continue to work on Saturdays for the next few weeks.

    ADA upgrades to Pink Triangle Park - including a new crosswalk with curb ramps across 17th and more accessible sidewalk path-of-travel to the MUNI elevator - should be completed in the next week or so.

  • 14 Feb 2022 10:38 AM | Robert Bush (Administrator)

    Frank Tizedes elected 2022 DTNA President and two new Board Directors elected: Jessica Martines and Sugam Jain. Kiimyn Braithwaite elected Treasurer, and current Board members Hans Galland, Paige Rausser, Kevin Riley, and Nikolai Sklaroff elected Board Directors.

    56 of 119 eligible DTNA members voted, 55 online and one by mail, in the February 14, 2022 DTNA election.

    On-line voting results can be viewed at: https://vote.electionrunner.com/election/nad3r/results

  • 14 Feb 2022 1:07 AM | Robert Bush (Administrator)

    Triangle tree management was discussed; two new local businesses made presentations: Wyatt Robertson for Santeria restaurant and Max Khusid for Art House SF gallery, and Capt. Christopher Pedrini (SFPD Park Station) attended and addressed Triangle crime, crime prevention and dealing with broken store front windows.

  • 15 Jan 2022 11:33 PM | Robert Bush (Administrator)

    You can join DTNA, pay your Membership Dues and Advertising Fees online. Dues reminders are now sent by email and not by postcard, unless a member does not have an email address.

    Bundle Memberships, what are they?

    Bundles allow two people in the same household to become voting DTNA members for one fee, starting with the new Household level for $50.00, but also for all Patron, Angel and Superstar members.

    Auto-Recurring Dues Payments is enabled at all voting membership levels. Members can stop recurring payments from their Wild Apricot member profile page when they have a pending invoice. To do so, before paying the invoice, click the Invoices and payments tab in member profile and then click Stop recurring payments button beside the membership renewal transaction. 

    Pending Member Status

    When a Dues Payment Invoice is sent, a member's status is changed from Active to Pending until the renewal fee is paid. A member cannot change Membership Level until the Invoice is paid. Membership Level can only be changed when in Active Status. Selecting a new Level will generate a new Invoice. If the new Level has a higher fee, contact the membership manager so that a credit for your recent payment can be applied to you new invoice before you pay it.

    See Website FAQ's for details on how to get started and how the new system works.

  • 15 Jan 2022 11:16 PM | Robert Bush (Administrator)

    Election of 2022 DTNA Officers and Board Directors will be conducted online as it was in 2021 using Election Runner. Paper ballots will be mailed to members without email addresses.

    Online voting will start on Wednesday, February 9th and close on Monday, February 14th at 07:30pm during the February DTNA General Meeting. Mail-in ballots need to be postmarked by February 14th to be counted. 

    To vote members must be in active status and be current with their dues.

    All Officer positions and five Director seats are up for election, with two director seats currently unfilled. Nominations need to be submitted by Friday, February 4th to be included on the ballot. Current Board members have expressed an interest in continuing on the Board, although the current DTNA Treasurer would like to pass the baton for that position and return to his Director’s role if a new Treasurer candidate can be identified.

    Any member who has an interest in joining the Board and has been a member for three months is eligible to be elected to the Board. If you want to get more involved with DTNA initiatives to enhance the neighborhood where we all live, work, and play, consider running for a Board position.

    If you would like to run for a Board position or want to learn more about how the Board and DTNA function, please contact DTNA at info@dtna.org or by using the website contact form or explore DTNA website.

  • 11 Dec 2021 11:06 PM | Robert Bush (Administrator)

    Join this Monday’s December 13th DTNA Community Meeting and hear:

    1. Safeway Market Street Store Director, Sean Robertson, update current store challenges and actions being taken.
    2. Hans Galland moderate a presentation by UC Berkeley Urban Design graduate students sharing their Duboce Triangle research findings focusing on: walkability & mobility, sustainability, and activation.  Be part of the discussion with your questions and ideas.

    The December-January Duboce Triangle News is now available online in color. Letters to the editor are welcome and may be published in the News.

    The new DTNA website at www.dtna.org has gone live to the public. Any questions? Check out the FAQ page on the website which includes instructions on how members log into the new website.

    All DTNA members who last paid dues in 2018 were included in the new website member database and sent the November 7th Member notification email, knowing that some who had not renewed after 2018 had likely moved out of the Triangle would not be continuing DTNA membership. If you not going to continue DTNA membership, please reply to Paige Rausser Grey, membership manager, so she can archive your account and stop any further dues notifications.

    Get familiar with what the new website has to offer including community meeting updates and activities in the Triangle.

    If you are not current with your dues, please log in and pay your dues. 

    There is a new membership level, Household, the allows for two members of the same household to join for a single fee. The Website FAQ page explains how to change your membership level if you want to do so.

    Please note that renewal notices will now be sent via email.  Postcards will only be sent to members who don’t have an email address on file with DTNA.

    Enjoy the Holidays and Have a Healthy New Year,

    Bob Bush, DTNA Vice President, Web Transition Manager

    Paige Rausser Grey, DTNA Board Member, Membership Manager

  • 3 Dec 2021 3:14 PM | Robert Bush (Administrator)

    In 2019, DTNA kicked off a fundraising effort with the goal of completing historic surveys of all properties in the triangle formed by Castro and Market Streets and Duboce Avenue, for which our neighborhood was named. Our neighborhood is one of the most historic in the City, with most buildings dating back to a period which began in the late 1800s and continued through the 1920s. Today, even those newer” 1920s properties are nearly a century old! 

    See full article.


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