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2023 DTNA Board of Directors

Your board members and officers are elected annually. The 2023 Board was elected in February. The 2024 Board election will be held in December so the Board term with correlate with the calendar year. Nominations to the 2024 Board will be accepted starting in October. Candidates must be members in good standing for at least three months. For more information, contact us.

President: Frank Tizedes
President (2022-), Director (2021), Land Use Committee Member, Noe St. neighbor

Frank believes prosperous communities are the result of neighbors working with neighbors and having fun doing so.

Not unlike his experience as a Peace Corps Volunteer, Frank's experience as President of DTNA has been highlighted by the success of community generated activities and the engagement these activities have created. Neighbors working together in support of the greater community. 

Frank has spearheaded DTNA’s support of the Noe Corridor Activity Site, sponsored by the Castro Merchants, our Farmers Market and the montly Sunday Art Mart. Representing Duboce Triangle, Frank's participation on area safety boards has assured DT has a voice; that our concerns, needs and desires are heard. Frank has secured funding for Sidewalk Garden Parks repairs and Tree Canopy Restoration (30+ trees to be planted in next 2-3 months. 

Frank believes community building should focus on the YES (You are heard) AND, what can we do to make things better. Frank Talks, set up to hear your ideas, projects and concerns are held at local cafes across Duboce Triangle in an atmosphere that fosters relationships and understanding.

Let’s keep the heart beat of San Francisco strong and caring. Join Frank in keeping Duboce Triangle a Great Place to Live and JOIN - DTNA.

Vice President: Bob Bush

Vice President (2020-), Web Manager (2021-), Advertising Manager (2020-), Election Manager (2021-), Director (2017-2019), Past President (1985-1989). Beaver St. neighbor 

Bob, a San Francisco native, moved to Beaver Street in 1982 with his partner and their two Westies. Bob views the DTNA as a valuable Triangle community asset providing a structure for communication between Neighbors, the City and others, thereby ensuring that all who reside,  own property, or work in the Triangle continue have a forum to have their voices heard.

His goal in overseeing the new DTNA website has been to enhance DTNA communication with the Duboce Triangle community, provide more transparency in what DTNA is doing, and facilitate implementing DTNA initiatives, including Duboce Triangle Vision 2023, Greening of the Triangle, safer Traffic Infrastructure, and addressing the City Housing Element, and thereby enrich being in the Triangle.

Secretary: David Troup
Secretary (2023-), Director (2004, 2016-2019), Treasurer/Membership (2005-2014), Treasurer/Membership (2005-2014); President (2015), Land Use (Member 2002-; Co-Chair 2017-2019); Newsletter Production (2005-2011); Webmaster (2009-2019); 15th St. neighbor

David has lived on 15th Street since 2001 and has been on DTNA’s Board for most of the ensuing years, serving in nearly every role.  He believes that a healthy neighborhood association works to educate neighbors and drive civic engagement for the betterment of the neighborhood.  He believes that it’s necessary to work closely with City departments to build and maintain the kind of neighborhood we want to have.

David has concerns about the impact of the recently-approved San Francisco Housing Element on Duboce Triangle, and will push for careful attention to and influence of zoning changes that could dramatically reshape our neighborhood.

Treasurer: Kimyn Braithwaite
Treasurer (2022-), President (2018-2021), Land Use Co-Chair (2018-2019), Sanchez St. neighbor

Kimyn has been living in Duboce Triangle for almost 20 years and has been involved with DTNA for 6 years. When she first moved to San Francisco in 1999 she knew she wanted to live on one of Duboce Triangle's beautiful tree lined streets. It took a few moves to make it happen but once settled, she couldn't imagine living anywhere else in the City.

After having her daughter in 2014, Kimyn realized the need to get more involved in her neighborhood and community because she wanted to model positive and helpful behavior for her daughter. Kimyn wanted her to see that caring about your neighborhood, and the people who live in it, trying to make it better in any way you can is important and beneficial.

As Treasurer, Kimyn wants to continue the positive work DTNA has been doing.

Editor: Erik Honda
DTNA News Editor (2023-), Secretary (2011-2012, 2020-2022), 2022 Open/Public Space Work Group Facilitator, Newsletter Copy Editor (2017-), Vice President (2013-2019), Henry St. neighbor 

Erik has lived with his family and housemates on Henry Street near Castro since 1992, and has volunteered with DTNA since the early 2000s. He recently served as Board Secretary and continues on the Land Use Committee, and has previously served as Vice President as well. He is committed to holding our public servants accountable by insisting that they be responsive to constituent concerns, and has focused energy on improving the equity of our neighborhood, pushing for more affordable housing, supporting our public schools, and filling our empty storefronts with local businesses and our streets with trees. He also has been active in the Slow Triangle research project, and has two grown children who spent 12 years each in San Francisco public schools.

Director: Hans Galland

Director (2021-), Slow Triangle, now Vision 2030 Project Manager (2022-), Land Use Committee Member, DTNA Flore Store Mural representative (2020), Noe St. neighbor

Teeing off the diverse set of reactions Noe Slow Street created in the Duboce Triangle, Hans launched a working group in 2022 to have the community define what matters to us in the Duboce Triangle's public space. The work was used to develop a unified vision and a set of public realm interventions that can see support by the vast majority of our community.

In the coming year, Hans proposes he facilitate the implementation of a first set of interventions with neighbors and city stakeholders.

Director: Corbin Muraro

Director (2023-), Waller St. neighbor

As a young renter on the north edge of Duboce Triangle, Corbin will bring a fresh perspective to the DTNA Board. He thinks there is much to be done in terms of community building and pedestrian safety in Duboce Triangle, and is eager to put in the work to drive positive change in our neighborhood.

Director: Jessica Martines

Director (2022-), Distribution Manager (2022-), 1 Church St. neighbor

Jessica has lived at One Church Street Apartments at the corner of Church and Duboce for 22 years having won a lottery for affordable housing through The Mayor's Office of Housing. She is excited to be a Director candidate for the DTNA for a second year and feels her first year on the Board was constructive in learning about the make-up of the Board, communication styles, meeting protocols, initiatives, committees and relationships in the community.

Jessica feels first year has prepared her to confidently make more contributions in 2023 and has taken on the role of Distribution Manager for the DTNA newsletter. In this role she will coordinate zone leaders for the timely delivery of the newsletter to every household in the Duboce Triangle.

Jessica will bring her unique experiences to the Board that will help represent other neighbors with similar experiences, She is interested in affordable housing, equal access/opportunities for  people with disabilities, safety, and building community.

Director: Paige Rausser
Director (2019-), Membership Manager (2020-), Beaver St. neighbor

Paige finds urban planning issues especially interesting as a counter balance to her 25+ year career in land conservation. She has worked diligently to protect coastal sage scrub in Southern California and redwoods in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Paige looks forward to engaging on various Duboce Triangle issues that will bring more housing and affordable units to our beautiful neighborhood and improve the quality of life on our streets. Having lived in San Francisco off and on since 1984 she has seen lots of changes, both good and bad, and knows that working together we can continue to enhance the neighborhood that we all love.

As membership chair, Paige is focused on increasing our membership base and building community.

Director: Dennis Richards
Director (2023-), Land Use Chair (2023-), President (2006-2013), Director (2005), Beaver St. neighbor

Dennis Richards served  six years on the San Francisco Planning Commission, including three years as vice president. During his time on the SF Planning Commission, he took a leading role in balancing the needs of the community during a period of rapid growth. He championed tenants’ rights, fought displacement through construction of affordable housing, and listened to neighborhood concerns, especially those who traditionally had little or no voice. He was a whistleblower of corruption in the city’s building department. His professional career spanned three decades in the tech industry with the last ten as an executive at Salesforce.com. He has been involved in community activism for more than two decades. He was president of DTNA for six years, which included a rezoning where the community took an active role and the results balanced the need for new housing and preserving the neighborhood’s vibrant character.

Director: Nikolai Sklaroff

Director (2022-). Treasurer (2020-2021), Secretary (2018-2019), Director (2017), Castro St. neighbor

A San Francisco resident for more than three decades and active in public policy, Nick is committed to helping the Board focus on improving public safety in the neighborhood as well as preserving the qualities that make Duboce Triangle such a unique San Francisco gem. These include our pedestrian-friendly streetscapes and retail corridors, our green, tree-lined sidewalks and interior block open spaces, our rich history and historical buildings, even as we continue to grow, build new housing, and welcome new neighbors.  Nick's governing focus as a member of the DTNA Board has been ensuring that all sides of policy debates are heard.  He has served on the Board since 2017, including leadership positions on the Executive Committee as Secretary and Treasurer and is an active member of the Land Use Committee.

Land Use Chair:        
Dennis Richards

Membership Manager:
Paige Rausser

Advertising Manager:
Bob Bush


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