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From the President

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  • 2 Jul 2024 10:38 AM | Frank Tizedes (Administrator)

    Save the Date: District 8 Neighbors Mayoral Forum, Sept. 5

    Join us for the first ever District 8 Neighbors Mayoral Forum on Sept. 5. We’re proud to be a co-sponsor of this non-partisan forum along with nine other neighborhood associations representing households across the Castro, Noe Valley, Glen Park, Duboce Triangle, Cole Valley, and our neighborhood of [insert your neighborhood]. Hear from candidates on critical neighborhood issues to help you choose your top choices in the race.

    District 8 Neighbors Mayoral Forum

    6:30 pm, Thursday, Sept. 5 (doors open at 6 pm)

    Randall Museum Theater 

    199 Museum Way

    San Francisco, CA 94114

    RSVP and updates

    All 5 major candidates–London Breed, Mark Farrell, Daniel Lurie, Aaron Peskin, and Ahsha Safai–are invited. 

    Can you help out?Share your volunteer interest to make the forum a success.

    Forum co-sponsors:

    • Bernal Cut Neighborhood Alliance

    • Cole Valley Improvement Association

    • Corbett Heights Neighbors

    • Dolores Heights Improvement Club

    • Duboce Triangle Neighborhood Association

    • Eureka Valley Neighborhood Association

    • Friends of Noe Valley

    • Glen Park Association

  • 18 May 2024 11:05 AM | Frank Tizedes (Administrator)

    Good Afternoon Duboce Triangle, Upate

    I am happy to report that safety measures are coming to our community Slow Street; Slow Noe. MTA has been conducting traffic and safety studies of all San Francisco Slow Streets. Slow Noe has had an abundance of traffic, above the mandated numbers needed for the Slow Streets safety measures so they've developed plans to help address the safety concerns.

    Background: Over the past several months, MTA has been looking at the traffic flow on Slow Noe with the majority coming straight across Market from Noe Valley, not coming off of Market. Approx 90% of the traffic flow is in the morning hours with majority using our Slow Street as a cut through. MTA has been working with DTNA, Friends of Slow Noe, Slow Streets Stewarts, Merchants and neighbors regarding safety and traffic concerns on Slow Noe.

    Friends of Slow Noe lead, Pavan Yadavalli (slownoe@googlegroups.com) called a meeting of the group members and I sent an email to all DTNA members about two months ago  The meet with nearly 30 neighbors participating, discussed MTA's need to create safer conditions on Slow Noe - and discussed a couple of the options being considered to address high traffic.

    The conversation continued: Following that meeting, MTA, Pavan and I took on calls and emails from neighbors, merchants and members of both DTNA and Slow Street, including several DTNA Board Members. to address questions about two of the three possible proposals. MTS posted fliers to encourage input, feedback and an understanding of the latest iteration of traffic calming for Slow Noe.

    MTA's Proposal: MTA final proposal comes about after gathering of input from a broad range of folks; neighbors on and around Noe Street, Friends of Slow Noe, Slow Streets Stewarts, DNTA members and board members, merchants, neighbors at large. According to MTA's representative, the newest proposal has taken into account many of the concerns of the community and groups he's been engaged.

    Updated Proposal: A partial diverter adjacent to the current Parklet at Noe and 15th where Quest is currently (see attached picture). The diverter would be where the current Slow Street signs are now and run parallel to the Parklet. The proposed Painted Safety Zone would be where the State required daylighting will be placed, creating a safety zone 20ft from every corner. 

    Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions. We would like to continue the dialog and collect feedback. MTA also has an email in the flier to help collect feedback and has taken in a lot of input for the latest iteration of traffic calming.

    Thank you,



  • 9 May 2024 9:10 AM | Frank Tizedes (Administrator)

    Good Afternoon Friends,

    Sharing an update on the current status with the Noe St Parklet repairs.

    As many of you know, this project has been going on for the past 4-5 months and we have two Parklets near the corner of Noe and 15th that have yet to be completed. I have been working with DPW to focus on getting these repairs and cement poured to help open these spaces up.

    This project started to address safety and equitable access for all our neighbors. As you know, these parakeets were a mess, limiting who could use them and posed a real safety risk for any neighbor with mobility issues. We have worked to assure the spaces that have been repaired are open, easily accessible and ADA compliant.

    The benches at the corner of 15th and Noe were unfortunately glued down and while trying to move them one was broken. We are working to restore the two benches and place them in a manner that keeps our space ADA compliant and provides equitable access (see pic). This will now create two additional seating/social areas.

    The two parakeets that are still under construction (in front of Jacks Laundry) and on other side of street from Noe Valley Market. As you can see in the photos, the cement and brink work has not yet been completed. Myself along with a few neighbors are keeping the pressure on DPW to get these completed as soon as possible.

    TODAY 5/9/2024: DPW was out measuring and planning for the final cement and brick work of the last two remaining Parklets. GREAT NEWS!

    Fingers crossed, we'll have the benches repaired/replaces soon and the cement in the two remaining spaces complete.

    Thank you all for helping keep the neighborhood a great place to live. If you are not a contributor, donor or member of DTNA, please consider doing so under "Join"

    Stay Safe,


  • 9 Dec 2023 10:27 AM | Frank Tizedes (Administrator)

    Please join us at the Harvey Milk Annual Holiday Art Fair 

    Tomorrow- December 9, 11am-4pm

  • 28 Oct 2023 8:29 AM | Frank Tizedes (Administrator)

    Good Afternoon Friends and Neighbors. 

    I will be attending a full days workshop as part of the Chronicles program, working with communities and residents to help identify problems and solutions for some of San Francisco’s problems.

    I would love to hear from you prior to Thursdays SFNext workshop.  Please share with me your ideas and concerns that can be helpful in addressing the problems our great city are experiencing. 

    following the workshop, I’ll provide a synopsis of the program and event 

    Thank you, 



  • 26 Oct 2023 6:57 AM | Frank Tizedes (Administrator)

    Dear Neighbors, 

    Please help us Keep the Lights On our beautiful Market StreetPalm Trees.

  • 24 Oct 2023 6:27 AM | Frank Tizedes (Administrator)

    Good Afternoon Friends and Neighbors,

    It’s that time again, let’s chat about what’s happening in our neighborhood. A few new topics recently brought up, CPMC Noise concerns & Lack of Lighting on the Noe side of their property, Expanding DTNA Environmental Protection and Impact efforts, Safer Cross walks/intersections, Bulbout Repairs on Sanchez and Noe, Tree Canopy plantings,….  or anything on your mind! 

    please join me and let’s discuss progress…


  • 23 Oct 2023 1:13 PM | Frank Tizedes (Administrator)

    Hi Neighbors

    The much needed Bulbout repairs on Noe and Sanchez are approved.

    After 1 1/2yrs of work with DPW and Supv Mandelmans office to get the repairs addressed, they are schedule to start this week on Noe.

    The barriers and broken cement that limited full access impossible. Full accessibility is coming for all to enjoy! 

    Thanks for you patience as this work is scheduled to go on for three weeks 

    Please contact me with any questions.  I will try and get the answers 



  • 22 Oct 2023 7:55 AM | Frank Tizedes (Administrator)

    Another Duboce Triangle Community Planned Event! Come join in on the fun today on Steiner next to Duboce Park.  Meet your neighbors, bring the dogs, kids and have fun!  

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