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Duboce Triangle Historic Preservation

In 2019, DTNA began a project to conduct a historic survey of the entire neighborhood, with the intent to gain formal recognition of our historic neighborhood on the California Register of Historic Resources.  VerPlanck Historic Preservation Consulting was engaged to conduct the survey work and develop a Duboce Triangle Historic Context Statement (HCS) which was completed in February 2022 and submitted to the City Planning Department.  In December, 2022, the San Francisco Historic Preservation Commission accepted and adopted the HCS and it is now official.  DTNA now plans to apply for state and federal recognition of the historic resources which were identified in the HCS.  For more information see Historic District FAQ's.

David Troup, DTNA Historic District Project Manager


2261 Market Street, PMB #301, San Francisco,CA 94114

email: info@dtna.org

Phone: 628-246-2256



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