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  • Update, September 3, 2022: Upper Market Safety Project, Stolen License Plates, Slow Triangle, COVID Test & Vaccines, Upcoming Events

Update, September 3, 2022: Upper Market Safety Project, Stolen License Plates, Slow Triangle, COVID Test & Vaccines, Upcoming Events

3 Sep 2022 1:04 AM | Robert Bush (Administrator)

Latest Duboce Triangle News is available.

Upper Market Safety Project Construction Update.Casey Hildreth, Principal Planner, Livable Streets

  • Traffic Changes at 16th/Noe/Market planned for September 8.
*Newly-installed traffic signal layout will “go live” on September 8, 2022. 
*Westbound 16th Street will gain a new dedicated left-turn phase onto Market Street.
*Left-turns from eastbound 16th Street onto Market and Noe Streets will be restricted.
*The southernmost Slow Street barrier at Noe/15th will be removed returning two-way traffic to Noe Street between Market and 15th 
Streets to improve overall access to the 200 block of Noe Street.
  • Decorative railing installation will be completed by the end of September. 
*The Jane Warner Plaza installation will be completed in time for the Castro Street Fair.
*Bus shelters will be re-installed where the new railings are in place.
  • Median restoration with palm tree up-lighting and cobblestone repair to begin in mid-September.
*Work is to begin on Market between Castro and 16th Streets and work eastward toward Buchanan Street.
*Temporary travel and turn lane restrictions should be expected during construction hours (generally 9am to 3:30pm).
  • Sanchez/15th Street traffic signal, decorative crosswalk coming in early fall.
  • Hermann/Laguna/Guerrero/Market.
*On August 22nd new signals and signal phasing “went live” including new traffic signal for Hermann Street and dedicated left-turn phases off of Market Street.
*In September/October look for additional  No Right on Red signage, signal timing adjustments, and final street markings including decorative paving for the Herman/Laguna intersection just north of Market Street.
  • Market/Octavia/McCoppin/Central Freeway area construction.
*Reconstruction of the McCoppin/Market Street crosswalk should start soon before moving to the Central Freeway/Octavia intersection to modify medians, curb ramps, and location of the existing red-light camera.
*Construction-related impacts to Market Street and Central Freeway travel will last approximately two months. 

Additional project activities will include installation of decorative bicycle racks, tree replacement and tree pit maintenance, and final project 'punch list' items. All Rainbow Honor Walk plaques included in the project scope have been installed. Substantial project completion is currently expected in winter 2023.

For the most up-to-date construction information, visit www.sfpublicworks.org/uppermarket.

Stolen License Plates

  • A neighbor at Noe&14th Streets reports that her car license plates were stolen twice in the last 6 months and that it resulted in a big hassle as it affects Fastrak, DMV Car Registration and Residential Parking Permits.
  • And you have to pay a fee when you transfer license plates for your Residential Parking Permit. She has asked Supervisor Mandelman if 311 and the City could drop that fee if they had a category regarding stolen license plates.
  • If you have experienced this problem, let DTNA know.

Slow Triangle

  • Four community workshops which were well attended this summer helped define various design solutions to foster community, improve pedestrian, bike and car safety, and create a more equitable and livable neighborhood. 
  • Final workshop report that was presented at the August 9th DTNA Public Meeting is available..
  • Check the Slow Triangle blog for latest updates.

LGBTQ Cultural District 18th Street COVID TEST/VAC Hub behind Walgreens, Saturdays 11:00 AM to 05:00 PM

  • FreeCOVID 19 Tests every Saturday but monthly COVID Vaccinations, including Boosters.
  • Next Vaccination date: Saturday, September 24th.

September 4, 2022, Sunday: Castro ArtMart

  • 11:00AM to 5:00PM, Noe Street between Market and Beaver Streets.
  • Featuring LGBTQ+ Artists, Live Music, and Drag Performances every 1st Sunday of the month.

September 12, 2022, Monday: Virtual DTNA Land Use Committee meeting

  • Email landuse@dtna.org for Zoom access link if you would like to attend or want more information.

September 26, 2022, Monday: Meet with DTNA President Frank Titedes

  • 8:00AM to 10:00AM, Duboce Park Café, Sanchez & Duboce.

September 28, 2022, Wednesday: SFPD Park Station Community Meeting

Looking Ahead:

October 2, 2022, Sunday: Castro Street Fair and Castro ArtMark.

October 11, 2022, Tuesday: Hybrid DTNA Public Meeting 7:00PM to 8:00PM after 6:30PM to 07:00PM Social.

         In-person: Ballroom, Harvey Milk Center for the Recreational Arts, 50 Scott Street, Lobby Level - enter via Scott Street or Duboce Park.

Zoom Web link:      TBA and posted when available.

  • Join neighbors for Presentation of Duboce Triangle Historic District Initiative.
  • Meet Capt. Jack Hart, Park Station SFPD.
  • and updates on all things Duboce Triangle.
COVID In-Person Meeting Safety Policy Per SFDPH, CDPH and CDC guidelines: There is no Vaccination check and Masks are optional, but masks are strongly recommended for all regardless of vaccine status, in indoor public settings, and especially recommended for the unvaccinated and those who are at high risk for serious illness.

The Duboce Triangle News editor welcomes letters to the editor at editor@dtna.org. Letters may get printed in the News or posted online.

Enjoy your Labor Day Weekend,


Bob Bush, DTNA Vice President


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