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Upper Market Safety Project: Construction update (Late summer edition)

2 Sep 2022 7:17 AM | Kevin Riley


New traffic signal changes for Laguna/Hermann/Guerrero, with final paving in early fall 

On August 22nd the project team turned on the new signals and signal phasing for the Hermann/Laguna/Guerrero intersection. Changes include a new traffic signal for Hermann Street and dedicated left-turn phases off of Market Street. Additional No Right on Red signage, signal timing adjustments, and final markings will be installed in the early fall (September/October) along with the decorative paving for the Hermann/Laguna intersection just north of Market Street. 

Traffic changes for 16th/Noe intersection planned for September 8

The newly-installed traffic signal layout for the 16th/Noe/Market intersection will 'go live' on September 8, 2022. As part of these changes, westbound 16th Street will gain a new dedicated left-turn phase onto Market Street; and left-turns onto Market and Noe Street will be restricted from southbound 16th Street. As requested by nearby residents, the southernmost traffic barrier for the Noe Slow Street also will be removed to improve overall access to the 200 block of Noe Street.

Uplighting wiring and cobblestone repair to begin in mid-September

After extensive supply chain delays, the wiring for the uplighting is finally set to arrive this week (for real we've been told). The contractor will be seeking a Muni permit to start the wiring along with center median cobblestone and targeted roadway base repair near the Muni track lanes. Work is expected to begin at the 16th- Castro block and work eastward toward Buchanan Street. Temporary travel and turn lane restrictions should be expected during construction hours (generally 9am to 3:30pm).

We will certainly keep everyone aware when the uplighting wiring is complete and we are close to turning on this much-anticipated feature. 

Construction activities to pick up in the Market/Octavia/Central Freeway area

Supply chain issues that have been holding up work at Octavia are also expected to be resolved soon. The contractor will begin reconstruction of the McCoppin/Market crosswalk in the coming days before moving to the Central Freeway and Octavia intersection to modify medians, curb ramps, and the location of the existing red light camera. Construction-related impacts to Market Street and Central Freeway travel lanes should be expected starting in October, with construction lasting approximately two months.

Decorative Muni railings to be fully installed by the end of September

The contractor will be installing railings at the final few locations in the coming weeks, with the Jane Warner Plaza location to be completed in time for the Castro Street Fair. Clear Channel has been requested to begin re-installing bus shelters as quickly as they can where the new railings are in place.

Sanchez/15th traffic signal, decorative crosswalk coming in early fall

Sidewalk work at this location is substantially complete but no firm date yet has been scheduled for a traffic signal switchover or completion of the decorative crosswalk and final striping.


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