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Website/Membership Tips

14 Jul 2022 11:37 PM | Robert Bush (Administrator)

Bob Bush, DTNA Vice President, Web Manager

Paige Rausser Grey, DTNA Board Member, Membership Manager

Membership Directory

The board of DTNA will be considering populating member names into the membership directory on dtna.org. This directory would only be viewable by DTNA members when logged in and would not be accessible to the public.  By making changes in the “privacy” portion of a member’s profile, members would be able to add their phone number, email address and/or street address – but only if they choose to include this information for other members to see. Members would also be able to opt-out and remove their name and/or other contact information from the membership directory. Please contact info@dtna.org if you have any questions or concerns. 

Slow Triangle

An Initiatives tab has been added to the website menu, which includes a new Slow Triangle page with updates on past and current information.

Membership and Advertising

We hope you’ve had a chance to get familiar with our new website, where you can join DTNA, log in and pay your membership dues and even pay advertising fees – all online. If you are paying your membership dues online, check the FAQs to learn how to access your account for the first time. You can still mail in a check if that is preferred. Membership reminders are now sent by email so please make sure to update your email address in your account. Postcard reminders will be mailed to members without email addresses.

Our website FAQs page has lots of additional information about all things related to your membership.


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