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Upper Market Safety Project Update 06-23-2022: Casey Hildreth

23 Jun 2022 9:04 AM | Robert Bush (Administrator)

Construction to resume at 16th/Noe, start at 15th/Sanchez

With the northeast and southeast corners of 16th/Noe largely completed, work will begin next week on the northwest "Super Duper" bulbout along with final traffic pole and signal installations. Work should continue into the following week(s) with the sidewalk work next to Lookout, and at the southeast corner by the flower stand. Although not yet scheduled, we also anticipate that the new signals and left-turn restriction for southbound 16th will be turned on later next month once this work is finished. 

While not directly related, we have received concerns from a few Noe merchants and Duboce Triangle residents about the existing Slow Street barrier at Noe/15th and its impact to commercial delivery access (and the potential for our Market changes to exacerbate the issue). I will be reaching out to my Slow Street colleagues to see if it might be appropriate to coordinate a change/removal along with our traffic signal switchover. I'll provide more information in next month's update.

Sidewalk construction is also slated to begin at 15th/Sanchez in early July.

Decorative railing installation / temporary boarding island closures to begin now on July 5

After a few hiccups with scheduling and fabrication, the contractor should now begin installation of custom decorative railings at all Muni boarding islands along Upper Market starting Tuesday, July 5th. Working from Jane Warner Plaza eastward, this will require temporarily closing each stop for approximately one week during construction. Signs will be posted during the temporary closures to alert transit riders and provide wayfinding to the nearest available stop.

Finalizing median restoration and palm tree uplighting 

Bay Area Lightworks, the electrical sub-contractor, has received the special wiring needed for the uplighting system and is close to completing installation of all remaining power connections and meters. Final median restoration and uplighting work will occur in July, and we'll keep everyone posted as to when we might be able to plug in, turn on, and celebrate.

Hermann/Laguna/Market traffic signals to go live Thursday

At the eastern end of the project, a new traffic signal for Hermann/Laguna (as part of the Laguna/Guerrero/Market intersection) will be turned on June 30th, which will allow new dedicated left-turn signals off of Market Street to become operational as well. Final work at this intersection will include decorative paving (for Hermann/Laguna), which should occur in tandem with the decorative treatments at 15th/Sanchez later this summer.

Octavia/McCoppin changes, new bike racks and trees to come later this year

Proposed changes at the eastern project terminus at Octavia/Central Freeway continue to be delayed due to a supply chain issue with custom granite curbs, which may not be delivered until August. This work, along with final streetscape enhancements, is not yet scheduled and will likely comprise the final construction activities for this project.

Casey Hildreth, Principal Planner, Livable Street

Upper Market Safety Project


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