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Fighting the Climate Crisis, Right at Home

12 Jun 2023 12:41 AM | Robert Bush (Administrator)

By Adam Klaus, neighbor and Director of Operations at QuitCarbon who is presenting at the June 13th DTNA Community Meeting

Noe Street neighbors Sabina Brown and Casey Golliher knew they wanted to do something about climate change. When their family moved into a 3-unit building on Noe, they had the opportunity to do something. They decided to make it fully electric, eliminating the burning of natural gas in the home – a major source of global warming emissions and local air pollution in San Francisco.

Today, the home is heated – and cooled – with efficient and comfortable heat pumps. Their water heat also comes from a heat pump, their clothes dryers are electric, and they cook on a powerful and precise induction range. Much of the electricity to run the home is generated by the solar array on their roof. Soon they can be free of the PG&E grid with a shut-off switch. The hope is to be as green as possible, and to inspire others to have a greener home.

“We’ve never looked back,” said Brown. “An all-electric home is, simply, better. The heat from our central heat pumps is more comfortable than a gas furnace. We love the magic of induction cooking, and we’re proud to be doing our part to get to net-zero emissions, which the whole planet needs to do in the coming years.”

According to San Francisco’s Climate Action Plan, gas use in buildings contributes a full 35% of the city’s carbon emissions, and must be phased out rapidly. Local agencies are responding accordingly. Earlier this year, the Bay Area Air Quality Management District passed rules that will phase out gas water heaters starting in 2027, and furnaces in 2029.

Another Duboce Triangle neighbor, Adam Klaus of Sanchez Street, worked with his HOA to switch an aging gas water heater serving four units to an efficient heat pump last summer. With applicable rebates, the project came in at less than it would have cost to put in a new gas water heater, and Klaus estimates operating electricity costs at about $50 per month.

“Not only did we do the right thing for the climate, but we have an extremely efficient and reliable water heater that is saving us about 30% on our monthly PG&E bills,” said Klaus.

Klaus has also helped found QuitCarbon, a company that helps homeowners create free, whole-home electrification plans, and connects them with contractors to get the work done. Other resources for people looking to make the switch include BayREN.org and SwitchIsOn.org. Check out these resources, and see how you can contribute to a greener future. 


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