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Neighborhood Drain Adopters: Feb-Mar 2023 Newsletter

5 Feb 2023 10:07 AM | Robert Bush (Administrator)

Now that the skies have cleared, many of us in the neighborhood are assessing and repairing damage from this winter’s historic storms. It’s a great time to give thanks to our neighbors who volunteer during rainy weather to keep storm drains clear from leaves, litter, and other debris.

Known colloquially as “storm drain troopers” or “drain daddies,” the civic program pairs people with nearby drains, and issues the proper equipment to keep water from backing up onto neighborhood streets.

One perk of being a volunteer? Getting to give your drain its own name. In true San Francisco fashion, many of the monikers are clever and playful. Some favorites in our neighborhood include Drain O’er Me, Drain “The Rock” Johnson, Catherine the Grate, Only Happy When it Drains, Drainiac, and Leaf Me Alone.

If you’re eager to get in on this fun, there are still a few neighborhood drains looking for adoption! Learn more .

Thank you, Neighbors!


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