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Port of San Francisco Update: Youth Engagement, Resilience, Draft Waterfront Adaptation Strategies, Living Seawall Pilot, Honoring Black History Month

17 Feb 2023 1:06 AM | Robert Bush (Administrator)

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Youth Engagement with SFUSD and the Exploratorium 

The Port teamed with the San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) and Exploratorium to develop new youth engagement for high school students. The team developed 5 “in-classroom” sessions with Abraham Lincoln High School and The Academy High School to teach students about climate change, sea-level-rise, flooding, and adaptation strategies for the San Francisco waterfront. On January 20, students met at the Port and Exploratorium, for a co-hosted field trip, in celebration of the king tides happening that day. 

The field trip started with a walking tour of the Embarcadero Waterfront; then students used stencils to map locations throughout the downtown to mark the extent of potential flooding and expected height of projected sea level rise for the years of 2040 and 2090. Working in small groups, students brainstormed ways to reimagine and adapt the northern waterfront. Exhibits and special activities at the Exploratorium wrapped up the day. For a more detailed account of the experience, take a look at the on the ground coverage from SFUSD News 

On February 16, the Port teamed with teachers and students from Phillip and Sala Burton Academic High School to have a similar field trip to map locations throughout the downtown to mark the extent of potential flooding from sea level rise. Students also played the Game of Hazards to better understand the earthquake and flood risks to the waterfront.

For youth-focused resources for learning about resilience and family-friendly activities, visit sfport.com/wrp/family.


Resilience in the News 

Resilience has been in the news this winter, from the King Tides of December 22-23, 2022, and January 21-22, 2023, to the storms that brought record rainfall to the state causing flooding around the Bay Area.

The Port joined the Exploratorium for its January King Tides walking tours and led its own waterfront walking tours, with one in Islais Creek Bayview on January 21 and one in Embarcadero on February 4.

These events are opportunities to witness the potential flood effects to the waterfront from sea level rise and climate change. King Tides are the highest tides of the year and are considered an indicator of the future shoreline. For more on the January King Tides, read the San Francisco Chronicle article.  


We Hear You: Draft Waterfront Adaptation Strategies  

In October 2022, the Port, in partnership with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and San Francisco city agencies shared Draft Waterfront Adaptation Strategies. Based on over five years of community feedback, the Draft Waterfront Adaptation Strategies are different ways for the City to create a resilient, sustainable and equitable waterfront for the next 100 years.

Feedback on the Draft Strategies gathered from the 16 public in-person and online events hosted by the Port between October and December 2022 is available in the following engagement summary. Learn more by reading the Community Engagement Summary. 

Comments are informing development of the Draft Waterfront Adaptation Plan (Tentatively Selected Plan), which is under development through Summer 2023. The Port will continue to engage and seek community input on this important work for the City of San Francisco.


Media Corner: Living Seawall Pilot Explainer Video

View the new Living Seawall Pilot explainer video to learn more about this innovative two-year study. Led by the Port and Smithsonian Environmental Research Center (SERC), the Living Seawall Pilot was launched in Spring 2022.

The Pilot is testing and evaluating engineering with nature concepts from around the world — from Seattle to Sydney — to learn how we can make San Francisco's seawall more ecologically friendly in the future. The video was produced with BAYCAT Studios, a nonprofit media organization for young women and people of color whose work highlights social impact projects. 


Honoring Black History Month

The Port celebrates Black History Month, an annual celebration of African Americans' achievements and significant contributions to U.S. history. 

The Port aspires to make equity, diversity, and inclusion a part of all WRP work — not just for a month but throughout the year — as we build a waterfront that is inviting for all. That's why the WRP planning team is working with an Equity Working Group made up of public agency equity practitioners to ensure that planning for the waterfront engages residents, addresses their concerns, and puts forward ideas that prioritize benefits for the communities along the waterfront.

The WRP is also developing a program-wide Equity Implementation Plan that will look across multiple areas such as workforce development, as well as monitoring and outreach to help track how the WRP is responding to and working with communities.


Honoring Lunar New Year

The Port honors and embraces Lunar New Year, held this year January 22 to February 1, as deeply rooted in history and celebratory tradition, symbolizing a new start or a refresh in one's life with hope for prosperity, wealth, and happiness.

In this Year of the Rabbit, known as the "luckiest of all animals in China," we reflect on its symbolism of peace, elegance, and contemplation. Special Lunar New Year events on the waterfront included personalized red paper scroll creation and lion dance performances.

Visit the Port's TwitterFacebook, and Instagram for stories and highlights shared throughout the month.



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