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2021 DTNA Board of Directors

Your board members and officers are elected annually at the December general meeting of the Association. Nominations to the Board will be accepted at or before the October general meeting. For more information, contact us.

President: Kimyn Braithwaite
President (2018-), Land Use Co-Chair (2018-2019), Sanchez St. neighbor

A resident of Duboce Triangle for over fourteen years, Kimyn considers herself very lucky to be able to call the Duboce Triangle her home. She understands that we are living in an era like nothing any of us have ever experienced before: a once-in-a-century pandemic, its economic fallout impacting our neighbors and small businesses, the largest civil rights protests in American history, four years of a fecklessly run federal government, a growing movement to redirect city funds for addressing quality of life issues away from our police department and toward our social workers. What we are experiencing collectively is mind boggling, and how to live within this chaos has been, at times, overwhelming for all of us.

Kimyn has been leading DTNA through Land Use, Slow Streets, addressing public safety, affordable housing and retail vacancies and other initiatives in working on a neighborhood level to improve the quality of live and restore some stability to living and working in the Duboce Triangle.

Vice President: Bob Bush
Vice President (2020-), Past President (1985-1989). Director (2017-2019), Beaver St. neighbor

Bob, a San Francisco native, rejoined the Board in 2017 as he retired from his surgical practice at Davies Campus, CPMC Sutter Health. Bob sees the DTNA as a valuable Triangle Community asset providing a structure for communication between Neighbors, the City and others, and ensuring that all neighbors that reside in the Triangle – homeowners, tenants and small businesses – continue have a forum to have their voices heard.

Secretary: Erik Honda
Secretary (2011-2012, 2020-), Newsletter Copy Editor (2017-), Vice President (2013-2019), Henry St. neighbor

Erik has lived on Henry Street near Castro since 1992, and has volunteered with DTNA since the early 2000s. He serves on the Land Use Committee. He is committed to holding our public servants accountable, and has focused energy on improving the equity of our neighborhood, affordable housing, public safety and the aesthetics by working toward filling our empty storefronts with local businesses and our streets with trees.

Treasurer: Nikolai
Treasurer (2020-), Secretary (2018-2019), Director (2017), Castro St. neighbor

Nick is an active member of the Land Use Committee. A San Francisco resident for nearly 30 years, he is committed to improving public safety in the neighborhood as well as preserving the qualities that make Duboce Triangle so unique, including our historic structures, our pedestrian friendly streetscapes and retail corridors, our tree lined sidewalks and our interior block open spaces.

Editor:    Rose Linke
Editor (2020-)

A writer and editor by trade, Rose has spent over a decade at the creative studio A Hundred Monkeys. She currently co-edits the annual publication series of the new media arts salon Living Room Light Exchange. Rose believes in community publishing as a social practice. Having seen the decimation of local news, and the challenges this poses to maintaining an informed and engaged society, Rose felt a calling to role of Editor for the Duboce Triangle News to strengthen the civitas of our neighborhood. She is hopeful that in the years to come we can work together as neighbors to fight for the necessary and urgent adaptations that will give us both a greater sense of community, and an increased resilience in the face of our changing city and our changing climate.

Director: Paige Rausser
Director (2019-), Beaver St. neighbor

Paige finds urban planning issues especially interesting as a counter balance to her 20+ year career in land conservation. She has worked diligently to protect coastal sage scrub in Southern California and redwoods in the Santa Cruz Mountains. Paige looks forward to engaging on various Duboce Triangle issues that will bring more housing and affordable units to our beautiful neighborhood and improve the quality of life on our streets. Having lived in San Francisco off and on since 1984 she has seen lots of changes, both good and bad, and knows that working together we can continue to enhance the neighborhood that we all love.

Director: Kevin Riley Jr.
Director (2020-), Land Use Committee Chair (2020-), Sanchez St. neighbor

As the Land Use chair, Kevin is focused on housing development, public space & transportation improvements, and pedestrian safety. His goal is to not only made Duboce Triangle a better place to live for existing residents but also attainable for those who wish to live, work, or open a business in our fantastic neighborhood. In his day job, Kevin is a Senior Designer at Pyatok Architects, a multifamily housing architecture firm that specializes in affordable and community-focused housing. Kevin is also involved with the American Institute of Architects (AIA), and is a LEED Accredited Professional.

Director: Hans Galland
Land Use Committee Member, DTNA Flore Store Mural representative, Noe St. neighbor
Next to his entrepreneurial work, Hans is Co-Chair of the Board of GlobalSF, a regional economic development organization for the City of SF and State of California that looks to leverage its extensive international business experience, cultural competency and strong network of relationships to enhance the global competitiveness of San Francisco. Hans believes that what makes our city truly special in the world starts with the neighborhoods, and therefore sees some interesting complementarity between GlobalSF and DTNA as he participates in Land Use.

Director: Frank Tizedes
Land Use Committee Member, Noe St. neighbor
Frank, a long time Triangle neighbor, is the Noe-Beaver Community Garden Coordinator and the Noe Neighborhood Watch Program Coordinator. Frank is currently formulating a plan to active the westside sidewalk of Noe Street between 14th Street & Duboce and working with Terrance Alan regarding the Flore Store mural.

Land Use Chair:        
Kevin Riley      

Membership Manager:
Paige Rausser

Advertising Manager:
Bob Bush


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